Here's What Movie Goers Said at the Premiere!

Heather C.
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"Inspirational and full of fun!"
Colton W.
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"Absolutely loved watching this film. Blew away any and all expectations! I laughed several times really hard and I was super impressed with the quality"
Brie C.
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"It was super fun and funny. Love seeing Christian content."
Amelia K.
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"This movie was hilarious and filled with fun characters! Awesome movie!"
Monty & Cara W.
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"Well done. Lighthearted but conveys a very important message we all need. Thank you for following your heart to help others."
Brandi J.
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"I was pleasantly surprised by this movie! I didn't know WHAT to think -- but, it even caused me to think about my situation. And, I got some good laughs, too!"
Teresa E.
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"Loved it!! Laughed along with Jesus!! What the world needs now!!"
Lynn A.
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"Light hearted, funny, and inspirational!!! Really enjoyed it! Something for the family."
Kari B.
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"It was quirky and funny!"
Stacy W.
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"This movie was so good!! I recommend you take your friends and family! ."
Brian F.
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"Great movie, great message, enjoyed the humor"
Janine M.
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"WWJR is a fun family movie filled with laughs and is a great way to present the Lord in a relatable storyline. Kudos to the producer and all actors!"
Michele K.
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"Funny and sweet with a good message"
Dean S.
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"This movie left me in stitches. I was genuinely speechless"
Shannon P.
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"Great reminder of where our morals and value are."


W.W.J.R. is a Faith Based comedy of biblical proportions, where Jesus returns to Earth and befriends Tulsan Laz Young.  Laz is an out of work social media consultant and web designer who has a platform idea that could spread faith and good will in ways that have never been done before.  Only problem is, he puts too much belief in doubters like his ex-girlfriend Chloe.  In their recent breakup, Chloe’s skepticism of Laz’s ability to be a provider leaves Laz needing guidance to fulfill his destiny.  

There is no greater friend than Jesus to step up and help Laz reach his full potential with his platform, Faith Book  In the process there are laughs galore, as Laz saves the church he grew up in and creates an app which will eventually join believers everywhere.

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